private room (double-, tripple-, quad-room,... - octa-room)

350,-/person/night  + 50,- cleaning fee

400,-/person/night + 50,- cleaning fee in the case of 1 person in a room

shared dormitory 


250,-/person/night + 50,- cleaning fee (April, May, June, July, August, September)

350,-/person/night + 50,- cleaning fee (October, November, December, January, February,March)

2 bedrooms appartment with private bathroom and kitchen 2.400,-/whole appartment

Prizes works with the minimum stay of 2 nights. Special fee for 1 night stay is 200,-/person/night.


Karlovy Vary film festival (30.6.-8.7.2017):                                         350,- (dorm) - 1.200,- (appartment)/person/night + 50,- cleaning fee 

Motocross world championship 2017 (20.7.-24.7.2017):                450,- (dorm) - 750,- (appartment)/person/night + 50,- cleaning fee 

New Year´s Eve´s stay:                                                                               higher prices, dependings on the number of people and nights

In the main season (approximately from the end of May till the beggining of September) prizes can vary depending on the cultural, sports and other us for more information, please. 

bed linen included
washing machine 150,- per 1 load
coffee, tea, seasonal home-grown herbs included
bookcase included
Wi-Fi included
parking 30,-/day
pick-up in Carlsbad 300,-
bicycle to rent 150,- per day
canoe to rent  two-seat canoe with complete accessories (paddles, life, jacket, bareel) 320,- per day, discount for longer trips
projector to rent 100,-/day

130,- (bread, butter, jam, cheese, eggs, vegetable, corn flakes, milk, tea or coffee) 

in the high season we can order breakfast for you in a nearby pension